Are Smart Phones Taking Over Our Lives?


There was a great post on Mashable on how smart phones are taking over most of our attention. I am not innocent, I love my iPhone and use it all the time - however, I thought some of the findings from the study were worth sharing, as well as, one comment from a fan that really caught my attention.

First, the study results:

  • 37% of adults and 60% of teens admit they are highly addicted to their smartphones.
  • 81% of smartphone users make calls every day compared with 53% of regular users.
  • 23% of teenagers claim to watch less TV and 15% admit they read fewer books as a result of their smartphone use.
  • 51% of adults and 65% of teens say they have used their smartphone while socializing with others.
  • 23% of adults and 34% of teens have used their smartphones during mealtimes.
  • 22% of adult and 47% of teens admitted using or answering their smartphone while in the bathroom.
  • 58% of adult males owned a smartphone compared with 42% of females.
  • Among teenagers, 52% of females use smartphones compared with 48% of males.
  • The majority of adults (32%) identified Apple’s iPhone as their favorite device, while the majority of teens (37%) prefer the BlackBerry.

Next up, the user’s comment that I believe relates to  most of us:

I think the most addictive features on a smartphone are the social media and messaging apps. I see a shift towards much more data usage instead of making actual phone calls. More and more people I know call less but communicate more (WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter and the likes) Smartphones are imho one of the best inventions of this era.

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